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management revue, volume 27, issue 4, 2016

Special Issue:
Financial Participation
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Andrew Pendleton, Erik Poutsma

Impressum, contents, statistics

Looking back – mille fois merci, Rainer Hampp     216

Wenzel Matiaske, Andrew Pendleton, Erik Poutsma
Financial Participation – Introduction     217-218

Mathieu Floquet, Loris Guery, Chloé Guillot-Soulez, Patrice Laroche, Anne Stévenot
The relationship between profit-sharing schemes and wages: Evidence from French firms     219-233

Olaf Kranz, Thomas Steger
Resurrected, recovered, but still didn’t survive? A case study on the viability of employee-owned companies     234-260

Thomas Haipeter
Financialisation of wages and works councils’ policy: Profit sharing in the German metalworking and electrical engineering industries     261-284

Renate Ortlieb, Wenzel Matiaske, Simon Fietze
Employee share ownership in Germany: A cluster analysis of firms' aims     285-303

Lutz Bellmann, Iris Möller
Are firms with financial participation of employees better off in a crisis? Evidence from the IAB Establishment Panel Survey     304-320

Book review
Paster, Thomas: The role of business in the development of the welfare state and labor markets in Germany: Containing social reforms
(by Stefanie John)     321-323

Call for Papers     324-328

Contents of mrev, volume 27, issues 1-4     329-331

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management revue, volume 27, issue 3, 2016

Impressum, contents

Per V. Freytag, Pia Storvang
Dynamics of a facilitator’s role: Insights from the Danish construction industry    

Christiane Rau, Anne-Katrin Neyer, Agnes Schipanski, Fiona Schweitzer
A long way home: How an intra-organizational innovation network overcomes its political boundaries     139-159

Gary Florkowski, Miguel R. Olivas-Luján
Predicting HR’s involvement and influence in strategic decision-making     160-187

Thorsten Jochims
Social reciprocity as a critical success factor for small and mid-size enterprises: Work relationships as reflections of social exchange structures    

Call for Papers     208-209

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management revue, volume 27, issue 1-2, 2016

Special Issue:
Ageing Societies: Comparing HRM Responses in Germany and Japan
edited by Keith Jackson, Philippe Debroux

Impressum, contents

Keith Jackson, Philippe Debroux
HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Contexts for comparison     5-13

Philip Taylor, Catherine Earl
Making the case for older workers    

Lena Elisabeth Kemper, Anna Katharina Bader, Fabian Jintae Froese
Diversity management in ageing societies: A comparative study of Germany and Japan    

Nobuo Sueki
Ageing society and evolving wage systems in Japan    

Heike Schroeder, Masa Higo, Matt Flynn
Workplace accommodation for older teachers in Japan and Germany: The role of the institutional context in supporting late career options for teachers with ill health     

Philippe Debroux
Elderly workers in Japan: The need for a new deal     82-96

Keith Jackson
Comparing HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Towards a new research agenda    

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management revue, volume 26, issue 4, 2015

Impressum, contents, statistics

Sarah Altmann, Stefan Suess
The influence of temporary time offs from work on employer attractiveness – An experimental study    

Rainer Lueg, Louisa Vu
Success factors in Balanced Scorecard implementations – A literature review    

Osamu Suzuki
Unpacking performance benefits of innovation ambidexterity: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry     

Contents of mrev, volume 26, issues 1-4     349-350

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management revue, volume 26, issue 3, 2015

Impressum, contents

Sharon P. McKechnie, Joy E. Beatty
Contemporary calendar management: Exploring the intersections of groupware and personal calendars    

Alexander Mitterle, Roland Bloch, Carsten Wuermann
Time to teach: Revisiting teaching time in German higher education    

Thordis Reimer
Working time arrangements and family time of fathers: How work organization(s) shape fathers’ opportunities to engage in childcare    

Irma Rybnikova, Josephine Krueger
Between work and non-work: Institutional settings of boundary management in case of German self-employed lawyers     253-276

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Special Issue:
Innovation Networks
edited by Susanne Gretzinger, Simon Fietze, Wenzel Matiaske

management revue, volume 26, issue 2, 2015

Impressum, contents

Editorial     81-82

Anna Kunttu, Lasse Torkkeli
Service innovation and internationalization in SMEs: Implications for growth and performance    

Stine Jessen Haakonsson, Vandana Ujjual
Internationalisation of R&D: New insights into multinational enterprises’ R&D strategies in emerging markets    

Stan De Spiegelaere, Guy Van Gyes, Hans De Witte, Geert Van Hootegem
Job design, work engagement and innovative work behavior: A multi-level study on Karasek’s learning hypothesis     123-137

Andre Veenendaal, Tanya Bondarouk
Perceptions of HRM and their effect on dimensions of innovative work behaviour: Evidence from a manufacturing firm    

Andrea Hanebuth
Success factors of virtual research teams – Does distance still matter?    

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management revue, volume 26, issue 1, 2015

Impressum, contents

Bice Della Piana, Alessandra Vecchi, Enrica Vivacqua
Innovation, institutions and cultures: Exploring the European context     5-24

Sabien Dobbelaere, Roland Iwan Luttens, Bettina Peters
Demand lotteries, abandonment options and the decision to start R&D and process innovation    

Mikael Ottosson, Calle Rosengren
Who can you trust? The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees (TCO) and trust-based working time 1950-1970     52-68

Book reviews
Miller, Vernon D. & Gordon, Michael E. (Eds.): Meeting the Challenges of Human Resource Management: A Communication Perspective
(by Jennifer F. Wood)    

Rainhart Lang & Irma Rybnikova: Aktuelle Führungstheorien und -konzepte (by Ingo Winkler)    

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management revue, volume 25, issue 4, 2014

Impressum, contents, statistics

Jan Dettmers
Job definitions and service behaviour. An investigation among technical service employees     248-262

Peggy De Prins, Lou Van Beirendonck, Ans De Vos, Jesse Segers
Sustainable HRM: Bridging theory and practice through the 'Respect Openness Continuity (ROC)'-model     263-284

Albert Martin, Susanne Bartscher-Finzer
The self-concept of book publishers and its significance for job satisfaction and satisfaction with economic success     285-314

Contents of mrev, volume 25, issues 1-4     315-316

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management revue, volume 25, issue 3, 2014

Special Issue:
Managing Diversity
edited by Gerd Grözinger, Wenzel Matiaske

Impressum, contents

Gerd Grözinger, Wenzel Matiaske
Managing Diversity – Introduction     163-165

Doreen Richter
Demographic change and innovation: The ongoing challenge from the diversity of the labor force     166-184

Stefanie Seifert, Eva Schlenker
Occupational segregation and organizational characteristics. Empirical evidence for Germany     185-206

Marlene Langholz
The management of diversity in U.S. and German higher education     207-226

René Krempkow, Ruth Kamm
Can we support diversity by performance measurement of European higher education institutions?     227-242

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management revue, volume 25, issue 2, 2014

Impressum, contents


Marco Guerci, Abraham B. Rami Shani
Stakeholder involvement in Human Resource Management practices: Evidence from Italy      80-102

Signe Pihl-Thingvad
Is self-leadership the new silver bullet of leadership? An empirical test of the relationship between self-leadership and organizational commitment     103-124

Alexander Fliaster, Tanja Golly
Innovation in small and medium-sized companies: Knowledge integration mechanisms and the role of top managers’ networks    125-147

Book review
Pramodita Sharma, Philipp Sieger, Robert S. Nason, Ana Cristina González L., Kavil Ramachandran (Editors): Exploring transgenerational entrepreneurship:
The role of resources and capabilities (by Britta Boyd)     148-150

Call for Papers     151-157

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management revue, volume 25, issue 1, 2014

Impressum, contents

Mieke Audenaert, Alex Vanderstraeten, Dirk Buyens, Sebastian Desmidt
Does alignment elicit competency-based HRM? A systematic review     5-26

Sven Hauff, Stefan Kirchner
Changes in workplace situation and work values. Relations and dynamics within different employment regimes     27-49

Verena Houben, Kerstin Wüstner
Service work without emotional labour? Role expectations of service engineers, their employers and customers in the mechanical engineering industry     50-66

Book review
Gumbrell-McCormick, Rebecca and Hyman, Richard: Trade unions in
Western Europe: Hard times, hard choices (by Sylvia Rohlfer)     67-68

Call for Papers     69-74

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management revue, volume 24, issue 4, 2013

Impressum, contents, statistics

Dolores Álvarez-Pérez, Edelmira Neira-Fontela, Carmen Castro-Casal
Corporate governance, uncertainty and executive stock option plans     250-269

Werner Gresse, Bennie Linde, René Schalk
Sense of deservingness: What are the entitlement beliefs of students in their anticipatory psychological contract?     270-288

Claude-Hélène Mayer, Lynette Louw
“Who are you?” – Constructing managerial identities in post-apartheid South Africa     289-308

Sjoerd van der Smissen, René Schalk, Charissa Freese
Contemporary psychological contracts: How both employer and employee are changing the employment relationship     309-327

Contents of mrev, volume 24, issues 1-4     328-330

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management revue, volume 24, issue 3, 2013

Special Issue:
Theory and Practice of Flexible Work: Organizational and Individual Perspectives
edited by Jan Dettmers, Stephan Kaiser, Simon Fietze

Impressum, contents

Jan Dettmers, Stephan Kaiser, Simon Fietze
Introduction to the Special Issue     155-161

Caroline Ruiner, Uta Wilkens, Monika Küpper
Patterns of Organizational Flexibility in Knowledge-intensive Firms – Going Beyond Existing Concepts     162-178

Angelika Schmidt
The Implications of Flexible Work: Membership in Organizations Revisited     179-198

Tim Vahle-Hinz, Katharina Kirschner, Maja Thomson
Employment-related Demands and Resources – New Ways of Researching Stress in Flexible Work Arrangements     199-221

Shiva Sayah, Stefan Süß
Conflict between Work and Life: The Case of Contract Workers in the German IT and Media Sectors     222-244

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management revue, volume 24, issue 2, 2013

Special Issue:
Firm Clusters: Challenges for Management and Public Policy
edited by Susanne Gretzinger, Kerry Brown, Per Vagn Freytag

Impressum, contents

Susanne Gretzinger, Kerry Brown, Per Vagn Freytag
Editorial     75-76

Birgit Leick
Balancing Firm and Network-based Resources to Gain
Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of an Artisanal Musical Instruments Cluster in Germany     77-95

Niels J. Pulles, Holger Schiele
Social Capital Determinants of Preferential Resource
Allocation in Regional Clusters     96-113

Tine Schrammel
Bridging the Institutional Void:
An Analytical Concept to Develop Valuable Cluster Services     114-132

Mads Bruun Ingstrup
Facilitating Different Types of Clusters     133-150

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management revue, volume 24, issue 1, 2013

Special Issue:
Societal Embeddedness of Human Resource Management Practices and Strategies
edited by
Werner Nienhueser

Impressum, contents

Werner Nienhueser
Societal Prerequisites and Consequences of Human Resource Management    

Stefan Kirchner
Embedded Flexibility Strategies and Diversity within National Institutional Frameworks: How many Flexibility Profiles are in the German Model?    

Ronald Hartz, Gabriele Fassauer
Performance Principle and Organizational Compensation Practice in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis: A Discourse-analytical Study    

Heiko Hoßfeld
Corporate Dieting. Persuasive Use of Metaphors in Downsizing     53-70

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management revue, volume 23, issue 4, 2012

Impressum, contents, statistics

Special Issue:
The Future of Trade Unions in Western Europe, Part II
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger

Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger
Editorial: The Future of Trade Unions in Europe. Part II     320-322

Gregor Gall
Unions in Britain: Merely on the Margins or on the Cusp of a Comeback?     323-340

Dominique Andolfatto, Dominique Labbé
The Future of the French Trade Unions     341-352

Andreas Nikolopoulos, Eleni Patra
Current Situation and Future Trends of the Industrial Relations System and Trade Unions in Greece     353-368

László Neumann
Hungarian Unions: Responses to Political Challenges     369-385

Ida Regalia
Italian Trade Unions: Still Shifting between Consolidated Organizations and Social Movements?     386-407

Contents of mrev, volume 23, issues 1-4     408-410

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management revue, volume 23, issue 3, 2012

Special Issue:
Recent Developments and Future Prospects on Sustainable Human Resource Management
edited by Ina Ehnert and Wes Harry

Impressum, contents

Ina Ehnert, Wes Harry
Recent Developments and Future Prospects on Sustainable Human Resource Management: Introduction to the Special Issue     221-238

Arjan Kozica, Stephan Kaiser
A Sustainability Perspective on Flexible HRM: How to Cope with Paradoxes of Contingent Work     239-261

Stefanie App, Janina Merk, Marion Büttgen
Employer Branding: Sustainable HRM as a Competitive Advantage in the Market for High-Quality Employees     262-278

Bettina Lis
The Relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility for a Sustainable Human Resource Management: An Analysis of Organizational Attractiveness as a Determinant in Employees’ Selection of a (Potential) Employer     279-295

Keith Jackson
An Essay on Sustainable Work Systems: Shaping an Agenda for Future Research     296-309

Book Review
Claude-Hélène Mayer: The Meaning of Sense of Coherence in Transcultural Management: A Salutogenic Perspective on Interactions in
a Selected South African Business Organisation (by D.J.W. Strümpfer)     310-314

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management revue, volume 23, issue 2, 2012

Special Issue:
The Capability Approach: A New Perspective for Labor Market and Welfare Policies?
edited by Peter Bartelheimer, Ortrud Leßmann, and Wenzel Matiaske

Impressum, contents

Peter Bartelheimer, Ortrud Leßmann and Wenzel Matiaske
Editorial: The Capability Approach: A New Perspective for Labor Market and Welfare Policies?     93-97

Ortrud Leßmann
Applying the Capability Approach Empirically: An Overview with Special Attention to Labor     98-118

René Lehwess-Litzmann
What Does Flexicurity Have to Gain from the Capability-Approach?     119-139

Michael Olejniczak
Long-term Unemployment and the Capability Approach – The Case of the German Labor Market     140-157

Jean-Michel Bonvin, Éric Moachon
Assessing Employee Voice in Restructuring Processes against the Capability Approach. A Case Study in the Swiss Metal Sector     158-172

John Cameron, Abena Eyeson
Connecting Developments in Corporate Human Management Thinking to the Capability Approach as Used in International Development Research     173-190

César G. Canton
Empowering People in the Business Frontline: The Ruggie’s Framework and the Capability Approach     191-216

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management revue, volume 23, issue 1, 2012

Special Issue:
The Future of Trade Unions in Western Europe, Part I
edited by
Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger

Impressum, contents

Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger
Editorial: The Future of Trade Unions in Europe. Part I    

Walther Müller-Jentsch
Trade Unions in a Civilized Market Economy     7-13

Jean Faniel
Crisis behind the Figures? Belgian Trade Unions between Strength, Paralysis and Revitalisation     14-31

Bengt Larsson, Mattias Bengtsson, Kristina Lovén Seldén
Transnational Trade Union Cooperation in the Nordic Countries     32-48

Sylvia Rohlfer
Perspectives on Social Pacts in Spain: Social Dialogue and the Social Partners     49-65

Martin Krzywdzinski
Trade Unions in Poland: Between Stagnation and Innovation     66-82

Book Review
Colin Crouch: The Strange Non-Death of Neoliberalism(by Wenzel Matiaske)     83-85

New Books     86-87

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management revue, volume 22, issue 4, 2011

Impressum, contents, statistics

Special Issue:
Progress of Knowledge in Human Resources Management
edited by Albert Martin

Albert Martin
Mixed Impressions. Respectable Work and Slow Progress in the Science of Personnel Management within German Speaking Countries     306-311

Dudo von Eckardstein, Stefan Konlechner
Employer Behavior Human Resource Management Research and Teaching in Germany and Austria     312-324

Hartmut Wächter
Employer Behavior – Grasping a Phantom     325-330

Alexander Dilger
Personnel Economics: Strengths, Weaknesses and Its Place in Human Resource Management     331-343

Lutz von Rosenstiel
Employee Behavior in Organizations. On the Current State of Research     344-366

Werner Nienhueser
Empirical Research on Human Resource Management as a Production of Ideology     367-393

Contents of mrev, volume 22, issues 1-4     394-396

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management revue, volume 22, issue 3, 2011

Impressum, contents

Nicole Torka, Jan Kees Looise, Stefan Zagelmeyer
Ordinary Atypical Workers, Participation within the Firm and Innovation: A Theoretical Endeavor and Empirical Outlook    

Simon Fietze, Elke Holst, Verena Tobsch
Germany’s Next Top Manager: Does Personality Explain the Gender Career Gap?     240-273

Volker G. Kuppelwieser
Stewardship Behavior and Creativity    

New Books     296-299

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management revue, volume 22, issue 2, 2011

Special Issue:
New Perspectives on the Quality of Working Life
edited by
Ralph Kattenbach, Jacqueline O’Reilly

Impressum, contents

Ralph Kattenbach, Jacqueline O’Reilly
Introduction: New Perspectives on the Quality of Working Life     107-113

Peter Mühlau
Gender Inequality and Job Quality in Europe    

Jos Sanders, Luc Dorenbosch, Rob Gründemann, Roland Blonk
Sustaining the Work Ability and Work Motivation of Lower-educated Older Workers: Directions for Work Redesign     132-150

Joris Van Ruysseveldt, Karin Proost, Peter Verboon
The Role of Work-home Interference and Workplace Learning in the Energy-depletion Process    

Christina Purcell, Paul Brook, Rosemary Lucas
Between Keeping Your Head Down and Trying to Get Noticed: Agency Workers in French Car Assembly Plants    

Anja Feierabend, Philippe Mahler, Bruno Staffelbach
Are there Spillover Effects of a Family Supportive Work Environment on Employees without Childcare Responsibilities?    

Book Reviews
Deeg, Jürgen / Küpers, Wendelin / Weibler, Jürgen: Integrale Steuerung von Organisationen
(by Hansjörg Weitbrecht)    
Skorstad, Egil J. / Ramsdal, Helge (Eds.): Flexible Organizations and the New Working Life – A European Perspective
(by Janine Lücke)    

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management revue, volume 22, issue 1, 2011

Special Issue:
Job Satisfaction Revisited
edited by
Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger

Impressum, contents

Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger
Introduction: Job Satisfaction Revisited    

Andrew E. Clark
The Organisational Commitment of Workers in OECD Countries     8-27

René Fahr
Job Design and Job Satisfaction – Empirical Evidence for Germany?     28-46

Luke Haywood
Watch your Workers Win. Changing Job Demands and HRM Responses     47-64

Uta Wilkens, Daniel Nermerich
”Love it, change it, or leave it“– Understanding Highly-skilled Flexible Workers’ Job Satisfaction from a Psychological Contract Perspective     65-83

Ortrud Leßmann, Jean-Michel Bonvin
Job-satisfaction in the Broader Framework of the Capability Approach     84-99

Book Review
Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett: The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone
(by Manfred Wettler)     100-101

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management revue, volume 20, issue 4, 2010

Impressum, contents, statistics

Max Boisot, Ron Sanchez
Organization as a Nexus of Rules: Emergence in the Evolution of Systems of Exchange    

Peter J. Hosie, Peter P. Sevastos
A Framework for Conceiving of Job-related Affective Wellbeing    

Thomas M. Schneidhofer, Michael Schiffinger, Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Mind the (Gender) Gap. Gender, Gender Role Types, and Their Effects on Objective Career Success over Time    

Hailan Yang, Stephen Morgan
Development of China’s State-controlled Firms. The Case of the Consumer Electronics Sector    

Contents of mrev, volume 21, issues 1-4    

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management revue, volume 21, issue 3, 2010

Impressum, contents

Special Issue:
Enlarging the Focus on the Role of Competencies, Abilities, and Personality in Management Research
edited by Rüdiger Kabst, Rodrigo Isidor, Christian Schwens, Holger Steinmetz

Holger Steinmetz, Christian Schwens, Rodrigo Isidor, Rüdiger Kabst
Editorial: Enlarging the Focus on the Role of Competencies, Abilities, and Personality in Management Research    

Marjaana Gunkel, Christopher Schlaegel
The Influence of Personality on Students’ Career Decisiveness – A Comparison between Chinese and German Economics and Management Students    

Susi Störmer
Individual Characteristics of Work Council Members – Empirical Evidence    

Joost Bücker, Erik Poutsma
How to Assess Global Management Competencies: An Investigation of Existing Instruments    

Erik Døving, Odd Nordhaug
Investing in Human Resource Planning: An International Study    

Michael Stephan
Does Outsourcing Result in the Outsourcing of Technological Competencies? An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Vertical Specialization on the Technological Competence Base of Firms    

Astrid Reichel, Julia Brandl, Wolfgang Mayrhofer
The Strongest Link: Legitimacy of Top Management Diversity, Sex Stereotypes and the Rise of Women in Human Resource Management 1995 – 2004    

María Teresa de la Garza Carranza, Carolyn P. Egri
Managerial Cultural Intelligence and Small Business in Canada    

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management revue, volume 21, issue 2, 2010

Impressum, contents

Marina Fiedler, Isabell Welpe, Arnold Picot
Understanding Radical Change: An Examination of Management Departments in German-speaking Universities    

Cristóbal Casanueva, Ángeles Gallego
Social Capital and Innovation: An Intra-departmental Perspective    

Helene Mayerhofer, Barbara Müller, Angelika Schmidt
Implications of Flexpatriates’ Lifestyles on HRM Practices    

Claudia Cristina Bitencourt, Fernanda Bonotto
The Emergence of Collective Competence in a Brazilian Petrochemical Company    

Susanne Gretzinger, Holger Hinz, Wenzel Matiaske
Cooperation in Innovation Networks: The Case of Danish and German SMEs    

New Books      217-219

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management revue, volume 21, issue 1, 2010

Special Issue:
The Religion and the Organization Man
edited by
Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger

Impressum, contents

Wenzel Matiaske, Gerd Grözinger
Introduction: Religion and the Organization Man    

Christian Hecker, Hans G. Nutzinger
Economy and Justice: A Conflict without Resolution?    

Emil Inauen, Katja Rost, Margit Osterloh, Bruno S. Frey
Back to the Future – A Monastic Perspective on Corporate Governance    

Claudia Groß
Spiritual Cleansing: A Case Study on how Spirituality Can Be Mis/used by a Company    

Rainer Kreuzhof, Wolfgang Ockenfels
On the Proper Essence of Christian Economic Ethics    

Dallas Hanson, Wayne O’Donohue
William Whyte’s ‘The Organization Man’: A Flawed Central Concept but a Prescient Narrative    

Book Review
George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller: Animal Spirits: How human psychology drives the economy and why it matters for global capitalism
(by Wenzel Matiaske)    

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management revue, volume 20, issue 4, 2009

Special Issue:
Power in Organizations – Power of Organizations
edited by Axel Haunschild, Werner Nienhueser, Richard Weiskopf

Impressum, contents, statistics

Axel Haunschild, Werner Nienhueser, Richard Weiskopf
Editorial: Power in Organizations – Power of Organizations    

Stewart Clegg
Bureaucracy, the Holocaust and Techniques of Power at Work    

Claudia Groß, Nicole Jung
Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on ‘Enterprise’: Control and Autonomy in a Direct Selling Organisation     

Christoph Dörrenbächer, Mike Geppert
Micro-political Games in the Multinational Corporation: The Case of Mandate Change    

Elaine Farndale, Veronica Hope-Hailey
Personnel Departmental Power: Realities from the UK Higher Education Sector     

Thomas Diefenbach, Rune Todnem By, Patricia Klarner
A Multi-dimensional Analysis of Managers’ Power – Functional, Socio-political, Interpretive-discursive, and Socio-cultural Approaches    

Book Review
Marion Festing, Susanne Royer (Eds.): Current Issues in International Human Resource Management and Strategy Research (by Susanne Gretzinger)    

Contents of mrev, volume 20, issues 1-4     434-436

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management revue, volume 20, issue 3, 2009

Impressum, contents

Norbert Bach, Oliver Gürtler, Joachim Prinz
Incentive Effects in Tournaments with Heterogeneous Competitors - an Analysis of the Olympic Rowing Regatta in Sydney 2000    

Marianne A. Ferber, Patricia Simpson
Whither Systemic Reform? A Critical Review of the Literature on the Distributional and Income Adequacy Effects of Systemic Pension Reforms    

Claude-Hélène Mayer
Managing Conflicts through Strength of Identity    

Guido Strunk
Operationalizing Career Complexity    

New Books     312-314

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management revue, volume 20, issue 2, 2009

Special Issue:
Management of Change
edited by Sigrid Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, Albert Martin, Ursula Weisenfeld

Impressum, contents

Sigrid Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, Albert Martin, Ursula Weisenfeld
Introduction to the Special Issue Management of Change    

Albert Martin, Ursula Weisenfeld, Sigrid Bekmeier-Feuerhahn
Mechanisms of Change    

Sigrid Bekmeier-Feuerhahn
Mechanisms of Teleological Change    

Ursula Weisenfeld
Serendipity as a Mechanism of Change and its Potential for Explaining Change Processes    

Albert Martin
Mechanisms of Dialectical Change    

Claudia Peus, Dieter Frey, Marit Gerkhardt, Peter Fischer, Eva Traut-Mattausch
Leading and Managing Organizational Change Initiatives    

Gerold Behrens, Maria Neumaier
Change Management of Socially Relevant Habits    

Jürgen Deeg
Organizational Discontinuity: Integrating Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change Theories    

Markus Reihlen, Sascha Albers, Tuulia Kewitz
Internationalization as Strategic Change: The Case of Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft    

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management revue, volume 20, issue 1, 2009

Special Issue:
The End of Personnel? Managing Human Resources in Turbulent Environments
edited by
Astrid Reichel, Wolfgang Mayrhofer

Impressum, contents

Astrid Reichel, Wolfgang Mayrhofer
The End of Personnel? Managing Human Resources in Turbulent Environments    

Elisabeth Dütschke, Sabine Boerner
Flexible Employment as a Unidirectional Career? Results from Field Experiments      

Julia Richardson
The Manager and the Flexworker: An Interpretive Interactionist Perspective    

Malin Näsholm
An Identity Construction Perspective on Careers of Swedish International Itinerants    

David H. Tobey, Philip G. Benson
Aligning Performance: The End of Personnel and the Beginning of Guided Skilled Performance    

Paul Boselie
A Balanced Approach to Understanding the Shaping of Human Resource Management in Organisations    

New Books      109-110

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management revue, volume 19, issue 4, 2008

Special Issue:
Industrial Democracy
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Florian Schramm

Impressum, contents

Wenzel Matiaske, Florian Schramm
Industrial Democracy: Introduction 

Walther Müller-Jentsch
Industrial Democracy: Historical Development and Current Challenges   

Andrea Jochmann-Döll, Hartmut Wächter
Democracy at Work – Revisited   

Berndt Keller, Frank Werner
Negotiated Forms of Worker Involvement in the European Company (SE) –First Empirical Evidence and Conclusions   

Jan Ekke Wigboldus, Jan Kees Looise, André Nijhof
Understanding the Effects of Works Councils on Organizational Performance. A Theoretical Model and Results from Initial Case Studies from the Netherlands   

Eric C.A. Kaarsemaker
Employee Share Ownership as Moderator of the Relationship between Firm-Specific Human Capital Investments and Organizational Commitment   

Book Review
Appiah, Kwame Anthony: Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers (by Wenzel Matiaske)   

New Books     342-343

Contents of mrev, volume 19, issues 1-4    344-346

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management revue, volume 19, issue 3, 2008

Impressum, contents

Gustav Horn, Camille Logeay, Katja Rietzler
Much Ado about Nothing? Recent Labour Market Reforms in Germany – a Preliminary Assessment    

Ingo Winkler
Students as Non-Standard Employees. Exploring Work Related Issues in Students’ Perceptions on their Term-time Job    

Susanne Gretzinger
Strategic Outsourcing in the German Engine Building Industry. An Empirical Study Based on the Resource Dependence Approach    
(this article belongs to
special issue Resources and Dependencies)

Research Note
Yang-Kyu Park, Chul-In Lee, Rüdiger Kabst
Human Needs as Predictors for Organizational Commitment and Job Involvement: An Exploratory Empirical Study   

Book Review
Chwe, Michael Suk-Young: Rational Ritual: Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge (by Wenzel Matiaske)   

New Books     250-252

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management revue, volume 19, issue 1+2, 2008

Special Issue:
Resources and Dependencies
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Hüseyin Leblebici, Rüdiger Kabst

Impressum, contents

Wenzel Matiaske, Hüseyin Leblebici, Rüdiger Kabst
Introduction     5-8

Werner Nienhüser
Resource Dependence Theory – How Well Does It Explain Behavior of Organizations?

Jörg Freiling
RBV and the Road to the Control of External Organizations    

Ljiljana Erakovic, Sanjay Goel
Board-Management Relationships: Resources and Internal Dynamics      

Renate Ortlieb, Bararba Sieben
Diversity Strategies Focused on Employees with a Migration Background: An Empirical Investigation Based on Resource Dependence Theory    

Refik Culpan
The Role of Strategic Alliances in Gaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Firms    

                                             * * *

Richard Lacoursière, Bruno Fabi, Louis Raymond
Configuring and Contextualising HR Systems: An Empirical Study of Manufacturing SMEs    

Ken W. Parry
Viewing the Leadership Narrative through Alternate Lenses: An Autoethnographic Investigation     126-147

Book Review
Richard Sennett: The Craftsman (by Wenzel Matiaske)    

New Books      151-156

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management revue, volume 18, issue 4, 2007

Special Issue:
HRM in Asia Pacific

edited by Chris Rowley and Malcolm Warner

Impressum, contents

Chris Rowley, Malcolm Warner
The Management of Human Resources in the Asia Pacific: Into the 21st Century    

Gyu-Chang Yu, Woo-Sung Park, Yung-Ho Cho
MNCs’ HRM Strategy and Country of Origin Effect: Do North American, European and Japanese Firms Really Differ?    

Jie Shen
Approaches to International Industrial Relations in Chinese Multinational Corporations      

Chris Rowley, Saaidah Abdul-Rahman
The Management of Human Resources in Malaysia: Locally-owned Companies and Multinational Companies      

Wes Harry, Chizu Nakajima
Ethnocentric HRM Policies in the Asia Pacific Region: An Explanation of Host Country Resistance      

Book Reviews
Wes Harry, Keith Jackson

Globalisation, the Wave, and the Undertow      

New Books      483-484

Contents of mrev, volume 18, issues 1-4     485-487

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management revue, volume 18, issue 3, 2007

Special Issue:
Varieties of Employment

edited by Florian Schramm  

Impressum, contents

Florian Schramm
Editorial: Varieties of Employment      

Stefan Süß, Markus Kleiner
The Psychological Relationship between Companies and Freelancers: An Empirical Study of the Commitment and the Work-related Expectations of Freelancers    

Dorothea Alewell, Katrin Bähring, Anne Canis, Sven Hauff, Kirsten Thommes
Outsourcing HR Functions. Development of an Explanatory Approach to Firms’ (Non-Existent) Demand for Personnel Services    

Albert Martin, Marcus Falke, Christian Gade
The Assessment of the Employment Relationship by Civil Servants. Theoretical and Empirical Insights from a Study in District Courts in Lower Saxony    

Florian Schramm, Michael Schlese
The Role of Dismissal Protection in Personnel Management. From the Point of View of Personnel Managers    

Ralph Kattenbach
The Right to Part-Time: Practical Implications from the Managerial Point of View    

New Books     367-368

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management revue, volume 18, issue 2, 2007

Special Issue:
Managing Higher Education
edited by Gerd Grözinger and Roberto Rodríguez-Gómez

Impressum, contents

Gerd Grözinger, Roberto Rodríguez-Gómez
Managing Higher Education: Introduction

Alexander Dilger
German Universities as State-sponsored Co-operatives    

Eduardo Ibarra-Colado
Future University in Present Times: Autonomy, Governance and The Entrepreneurial University

Heinke Röbken
Leadership Turnover among University Presidents

Barbara M. Kehm, Ute Lanzendorf
The Impacts of University Management on Academic Work: Reform Experiences in Austria and Germany      

Stephen Carney
Reform of Higher Education and the Return of ‘Heroic’ Leadership: The Case of Denmark

Georg Krücken
Organizational Fields and Competitive Groups in Higher Education: Some Lessons from the Bachelor/Master Reform in Germany

Andreas Hilbert, Karoline Schönbrunn, Sophie Schmode
Student Relationship Management in Germany – Foundations and Opportunities      

Egon Franck, Christian Opitz
The Singularity of the German Doctorate as a Signal for Managerial Talent: Causes, Consequences and Future Developments

New Books     242-244

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management revue, volume 18, issue 1, 2007

Impressum, contents

James C. Sesil, Maya K. Kroumova, Douglas L. Kruse, Joseph R. Blasi
Broad-based Employee Stock Options in the U.S. – Company Performance and Characteristics

Ji-Hwan Lee
Managing Diversified Firms through Socio-Cultural Mechanisms: A Focus on Korean Chaebols    

Seong-Kook Kim, Min-Jeong Kim
Mentoring Network and Self-Monitoring Personality    

Thomas Behrends
Recruitment Practices in Small and Medium Size Enterprises. An Empirical Study among Knowledge-intensive Professional Service Firms    

Angelo Giardini, Michael Frese
Affective Complementarity in Service Encounters    

New Books     88-90

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management revue, volume 17, issue 4, 2006

Impressum, contents, statistics

Marcel Erlinghagen
Job Stability, Mobility and Labour Market Restructuring. Evidence from German Microdata    

Richard Weiskopf, Bernadette Loacker
“A snake’s coils are even more intricate than a mole’s burrow.” Individualization and Subjectification in Post-disciplinary Regimes of Work      

Albert Martin
Dialectical Conditions. Leadership Structures as Productive Action Generators    

Special Issue, continued from mrev 17(3)
The Value of HRM?! Optimising the Architecture of HRM
edited by Karin Sanders, Jan Kees Looise

Michiel Schoemaker, André Nijhof, Jan Jonker
Human Value Management. The Influence of the Contemporary Develop­ments of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Capital on HRM      

Anneke Offereins, Ben Fruytier
Organising R&D in Globalised Context: Convergence or Divergence? The Relative Influence of Dutch and Foreign Cultures on the Organisational Structure of R&D in Multinational Corporations    

Bennie Linde, René Schalk
Experience of the Employment Relationship after a Merger    

New Books     499-502

Contents of mrev, volume 17, issues 1-4     503-505

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management revue, volume 17, issue 3, 2006

Special Issue: The Value of HRM?! Optimising the Architecture of HRM
edited by Karin Sanders, Jan Kees Looise

Karin Sanders, Jan Kees Looise
The Value of HRM?! Optimising the Architecture of HRM    

Mattijs Lambooij, Karin Sanders, Ferry Koster, Marieke Zwiers
Human Resource Practices and Organisational Performance: Can the HRM-Performance Linkage be Explained by the Cooperative Behaviours of Employees?    

Sinikka Vanhala, Kaija Tuomi
HRM, Company Performance and Employee Well-being    

Anna C. Nehles, Maarten van Riemsdijk, Irene Kok, Jan Kees Looise
Implementing Human Resource Management Successfully: A First-Line Management Challenge    

Luc Dorenbosch, Renee de Reuver, Karin Sanders
Getting the HR Message Across: The Linkage between Line - HR Consensus and "Commitment Strength" among Hospital Employees      

Hanneke Heinsman, Annebel H.B. de Hoogh, Paul L. Koopman, Jaap J. van Muijen
Competency Management: Balancing Between Commitment and Control    

Nele Soens, Ans De Vos, Dirk Buyens
Explaining Company-level Influences on Individual Career Choices: Evidence from Belgium    

Claire Murphy, Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Patrick C. Flood, Sarah MacCurtain
Organizational Justice Perceptions and Employee Attitudes among Irish Blue Collar Employees: An Empirical Test of the Main and Moderating Roles of Individualism/Collectivism    

Liesbeth Adriaenssens, Peggy De Prins, Daniël Vloeberghs
Work Experience, Work Stress and HRM at the University    

New Books     364-366

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management revue, volume 17, issue 2, 2006

Special Issue: Women in Management, Academia, and Other Professions: Stagnation or Progress?
edited by Marianne A. Ferber, Elke Holst, Wenzel Matiaske

Marianne A. Ferber, Elke Holst, Wenzel Matiaske:
Introduction: The Changing Status of Women    

Markus Gmür
The Gendered Stereotype of the ‘Good Manager’ Sex Role Expectations towards Male and Female Managers

Elke Holst
Women in Managerial Positions in Europe: Focus on Germany

Sandra G. L. Schruijer
Do Women Want to Break the Glass Ceiling? A Study of their Career Orientations and Gender Identity in The Netherlands

Michel E. Domsch, Désirée H. Ladwig, Angela Pintsch
Note: genderdax – Top Companies for Women with High Potentials

Jane W. Loeb
The Status of Female Faculty in the U.S.: Thirty-five Years with Equal Opportunity Legislation

Gertraude Krell, Renate Ortlieb, Alexandra Rainer
Research Note: Women’s Academic Careers in Business Administration and Economics: Findings of a Multi-level Survey

Dara L. Woerdeman, Yana van der Meulen Rodgers
Work Styles, Attitudes, and Productivity of Scientists in the Netherlands  and the United Kingdom: A Comparison by Gender    

Book Reviews, special issue

Gertraude Krell (Hrsg.): Chancengleichheit durch Personalpolitik (by Elisabeth Stiefel)     203

Burke, Ronald J. / Mattis, Mary C. (eds.): Supporting Women's Career Advancement (by Renate Ortlieb)     204

Attila Bruni / Silvia Gherardi / Barbara Poggio: Gender and Entrepreneurship
Elisabet S. Hauge / Per-Anders Havnes (eds.): Women Entrepreneurs
Sandra L. Fielden / Marilyn J. Davidson (eds.): International Handbook of Women and Small Business Entrepreneurship
Jane Pilcher / Imelda Whelehan: 50 Key Concepts in Gender Studies
(all reviewed by Siri Terjesen)     205

Neva Goodwin / Julie A. Nelson / Frank Ackerman / Thomas Weisskopt: Microeeonomics in Context (by Mary C. King)     208

New Books     211

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management revue, volume 17, issue 1, 2006

Special Issue: Management of Interorganizational Relationships
edited by Thomas Mellewigt, Glenn Hoetker, Antoinette Weibel

Thomas Mellewigt, Glenn Hoetker, Antoinette Weibel 
Editorial: Governing Interorganizational Relationships: Balancing Formal Governance Mechanisms and Trust      

Dries Faems, Maddy Janssens, René Bouwen, Bart Van Looy
Governing Explorative R&D Alliances: Searching for Effective Strategies    

Per Erik Eriksson
Procurement and Governance Management – Development of a Conceptual Procurement Model Based on Different Types of Control     30-49

Senad Rothkegel, Ljiljana Erakovic, Debbie Shepherd
Strategic Alliances between SMEs and Large Firms: An Exploration of the Dynamic Process    

Tally Hatzakis, Rosalind Searle
Grounding Trust in Inter-organizational Alliances: An Exploration of Trust Evolution    

New Books     90-94

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management revue, volume 16, issue 4, 2005

Special Issue: good work – poor work
edited by Wenzel Matiaske, Susanne Royer

Wenzel Matiaske, Susanne Royer
What Makes a Job Good or Poor?    

Neal Ryan, Craig Furneaux, Anthony Pink, Kerry Brown
Public Sector Contracting: An Australian Study of Changing Work Conditions    

John Burgess, Lindy Henderson, Glenda Strachan
Women Workers in Male Dominated Industrial Manufacturing Organisations: Contrasting Workplace Case Studies from Australia      

Dorothea Alewell, Katrin Bähring, Kirsten Thommes
Institutional Structures of the Flexible Assignment of Personnel between Enterprises. An Economic Comparison of Temporary Agency Work, Interim Management and Consulting    

Florian Schramm, Michael Schlese
Working Conditions under Economic Pressure: The Case of the German Cleaning Industry    

Jürgen Bruns, Rüdiger Kabst
Interim-Management: A Paradox for Leadership Research?    

Nicole Torka, Jan Kees Looise, Maarten van Riemsdijk
Commitment and the New Employment Relationship. Exploring a Forgotten Perspective: Employers Commitment    

New Books     540

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management revue, volume 16, issue 3, 2005      

Special Issue: Flexible Work – Atypical Work – Precarious Work?
edited by Werner Nienhueser

Werner Nienhueser
Flexible Work = Atypical Work = Precarious Work? Introduction to the Special Issue    

Berndt Keller, Hartmut Seifert
Atypical Employment and Flexicurity     304-323

Zeenobiyah Hannif, Felicity Lamm
When Non-Standard Work Becomes Precarious: Insights from the New Zealand Call Centre Industry     324-350

John Burgess, Julia Connell, Erling Rasmussen
Temporary Agency Work and Precarious Employment: A Review of the Current Situation in Australia and New Zealand     351-369

Lars W. Mitlacher
Temporary Agency Work, the Changing Employment Relationship and its Impact on Human Resource Management      370-388

Karen Jaehrling, Claudia Weinkopf
Low-skill Work in Flux      339-403

Christian Pfeifer
Flexibility, Dual Labour Markets, and Temporary Employment. Empirical Evidence from German Establishment Data      404-422

Book Review

Kinzel, Christian: Arbeit und Psyche. Konzepte und Perspektiven einer psychodynamischen Organisationspsychologie (by Michael Jürgen Herner)     423-424

New Books     425

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management revue, volume 16, issue 2, 2005      

Special Issue:Human Resource Management and Economic Success
edited by Rüdiger Kabst, Wenzel Matiaske

Rüdiger Kabst, Wenzel Matiaske
Editorial: Human Resource Management and Economic Success    

Patrick M. Wright, John J. Haggerty
Missing Variables in Theories of Strategic Human Resource Management: Time, Cause, and Individuals     164-173

Barry Gerhart
Human Resources and Business Performance: Findings, Unanswered Questions, and an Alternative Approach     174-185

Eleni T. Stavrou, Chris Brewster
The Configurational Approach to Linking Strategic Human Resource Management Bundles with Business Performance: Myth or Reality?     186-201

Peter J. Dowling
Human Resource Management and Economic Success: An Australian Perspective     202-212

Fernando Martín Alcázar, Pedro Miguel Romero Fernández, Gonzalo Sánchez Gardey
Researching on SHRM: An Analysis of the Debate over the Role Played by Human Resources in Firm Success     213-241

Justine Horgan, Peter Mühlau
Human Resource Management and Performance: A Comparative Study of Ireland and the Netherlands      242-258

Seong-Kook Kim, Ji-Sook Hong
The Relationship between Salesperson Competencies and Performance in the Korean Pharmaceutical Industry     259-271

Simon L. Dolan, Mercè Mach, Vicenta Sierra Olivera
HR Contribution to a Firm’s Success Examined from a Configurational Perspective: An Exploratory Study Based on the Spanish CRANET Data     272-290

New Books     291

management revue, published and forthcoming     294

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management revue, volume 16, issue 1, 2005      

Special Issue: Diffusion of HRM to Europe and the Role of US MNCs
edited by Mark Fenton O’Creevy, Paul Gooderham, Odd Nordhaug

Mark Fenton-O’Creevy, Paul N. Gooderham, Odd Nordhaug
Diffusion of HRM to Europe and the Role of US MNCs: Introduction to the Special Issue     5-10

Randall S. Schuler, Susan E. Jackson
A Quarter-Century Review of Human Resource Management in the U.S.: The Growth in Importance of the International Perspective     11-35

Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Chris Brewster
European Human Resource Management: Researching Developments over Time     36-62

Angelo Giardini, Rüdiger Kabst, Michael Müller-Camen
HRM in the German Business System: A Review     63-80

Marjaana Rehu, Edward Lusk, Birgitta Wolff
Incentive Preferences of Employees in Germany and the USA: An Empirical Investigation     81-98

Erik Poutsma, Paul E. M. Ligthart, Roel Schouteten
Employee Share Schemes in Europe. The Influence of US Multinationals     99-122

Ingo Singe, Richard Croucher
US Multi-Nationals and the German Industrial Relations System     123-137

Book Reviews, special issue

Mike Geppert, Dirk Matten, Karen Williams: Challenges for European Management in a Global Context: Experiences from Britain and Germany (by Paul Gooderham)     138

Anne-Wil Harzing, Joris Van Ruysseveldt (eds.): International Human Resource Management     140

Peter J. Dowling, Denise E. Welch (eds.): International Human Resource Management: Managing People in a Multinational Context     140

Chris Brewster, Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Michael Morley (eds.): Human Resource Management in Europe: Evidence of Convergence? (by Siri Terjesen)     140

Otto Granberg: PAOU – Personaladministration och Organisationsutveckling     146

Odd Nordhaug: LRM: Ledelse av menneskelige ressurser (by Per Darmer)     146

Book Reviews

Eduard Gaugler, Walter Oechsler, Wolfgang Weber (eds.): Handwörterbuch des Personalwesens (HWP) (by Hansjörg Weitbrecht)     150

New Books     154

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management revue, volume 15, issue 4, 2004

Special Issue: New Directions in Organizational Behaviour
edited by Albert Martin

Albert Martin
New Directions in Organizational Behaviour?

Adrian Furnham
The Future (and Past) of Work Psychology and Organizational Behaviour: A Personal View    

Ulrich Hoffrage, Torsten Reimer
Models of Bounded Rationality: The Approach of Fast and Frugal Heuristics    

Johannes Lehner
Strategy Implementation Tactics as Response to Organizational, Strategic, and Environmental Imperatives    

Guido Strunk, Michael Schiffinger, Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Lost in Transition? Complexity in Organisational Behaviour – the Contributions of Systems Theories    

Book Reviews, special issue

Ashkanasy, Neal M. / Wilderom, Celeste P. / Peterson, Mark F. (Eds.): Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate (by Marcus Falke)      510

Locke, Edwin A. (Ed.): The Blackwell Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior (by Christian Gade)      513

Vibert, Conor: Theories of Macro Organizational Behavior. A Handbook of Ideas and Explanations (by Albert Martin)      516

Beckert, Jens: Beyond the Market: The Social Foundations of Economic Efficiency (by Wenzel Matiaske)      518

Blossfeld, Hans-Peter / Rohwer, Götz: Techniques of Event History Modeling. New Approaches to Causal Analysis (by Ingo Weller)      520

Book Reviews

Lengfeld, Holger: Mitbestimmung und Gerechtigkeit. Zur moralischen Grundstruktur betrieblicher Verhandlungen (by Hansjörg Weitbrecht)      526

Dietzfelbinger, Daniel / Thurm, Ralph (Eds.): Nachhaltige Entwicklung: Grundlage einer neuen Wirtschaftsethik (by Britta Boyd)      528

New Books      531

management revue, volume 15, issue 3, 2004

Special Issue: Organisational Innovation and HRM
edited by Jan Kees Looise,
Maarten van Riemsdijk

Jan Kees Looise, Maarten van Riemsdijk
Innovating Organisations and HRM: A Conceptual Framework     

Juani Swart, Nicholas Kinnie, John Purcell
Human Resource Advantage in the Networked Organisation     

Clare Kelliher, Catherine Truss, Veronica Hope Hailey
Disappearing Between the Cracks: HRM in Permeable Organisations     

Nicole Torka
Atypical Employment Relationships and Commitment: Wishful Thinking or HR Challenge?      

Francesca Andreescu
Innovating the HR Function in a Commercialising British Public Sector Organisation: Towards a More Strategic Role for HR?       

Huub Ruël, Tanya Bondarouk, Jan Kees Looise
E-HRM: Innovation or Irritation. An Explorative Empirical Study in Five Large Companies on Web-based HRM     

Rien Huiskamp, Frits Kluytmans
Between Employment Relationships and Market Relationships: Dilemmas for HR Management     

Book Review

Wenzel Matiaske: Soziales Kapital in Organisationen. Eine tauschtheoretische Studie (by Anja Schmelter)      399

New Books      402

management revue, volume 15, issue 2, 2004

Special Issue: Theoretical Perspectives for Human Resource Management: The German Discussion
edited by Rüdiger Kabst, Wolfgang Weber

Wolfgang Weber, Rüdiger Kabst
Human Resource Management: The Need for Theory and Diversity     

Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Social Systems Theory as Theoretical Framework for Human Resource Management – Benediction or Curse?     

Niclas Schaper
Theoretical Substantiation of Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Work and Organisational Psychology     

Albert Martin
A Plea for a Behavioural Approach in the Science of Human Resources Management     

Uschi Backes-Gellner
Personnel Economics: An Economic Approach to Human Resource Management     

Werner Nienhüser
Political [Personnel] Economy – a Political Economy Perspective to Explain Different Forms of Human Resource Management Strategies     

Wenzel Matiaske
Pourquoi pas? Rational Choice as a Basic Theory of HRM     

Book Reviews

Wolf, Joachim: Organisation, Management, Unternehmensführung. Theorien und Kritik (by Dipl.-Ök. Stefan Süß)       264

Swedberg, Richard: Principles of Economic Sociology (by Dr. Peter Mühlau)      266

New Books      270

management revue, volume 15, issue 1, 2004

Special Issue: Beyond Resource Based View
edited by Manfred Moldaschl

Editorial      5-7

Uta Wilkens, Daniela Menzel, Peter Pawlowsky
Inside the Black-box: Analysing the Generation of Core Competencies and Dynamic Capabilities by Exploring Collective Minds. An Organisational Learning Perspective     

Jörg Freiling
A Competence-based Theory of the Firm     

Stephan Duschek
Inter-Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage     

Axel Haunschild
Contingent Work: The Problem of Disembeddedness and Economic Reembeddedness      

Ellen Roemer
Managing Asymmetric Resource Dependence and Environmental Risk in Relationships by Real Options      

Kirsten Foss, Nicolai J. Foss
The Next Step in the Evolution of the RBV: Integration with Transaction Cost Economics      

Manfred Moldaschl, Dirk Fischer
Beyond the Management View: A Ressource-Centered Socio-Economic Perspective     

Book Reviews

Arnold, V., Sutton, S. G. (eds.): Behavioral Accounting Research: Foundations and Frontiers (by Tino Vordank)      152

Tuomi, Ilkka: Corporate Knowledge. Theory and Practice of Intelligent Organizations (by Andrea Fried)      155

Neely, Andy (ed.): Business Performance Measurement. Theory and Practice (by Thomas Diefenbach)      158

Lesser, Eric L. (ed.): Knowledge and Social Capital (by Wenzel Matiaske)      161

New Books      162

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